Partner 11 - Hycult biotechnology bv (Hycult)

Dr. Erik Toonen

Principal Investigator

Phone: +31 413 251 335

Fax: +31 413 248 353


Hycult biotechnology bv

Frontstraat 2a

5405 PB Uden

The Netherlands


RELENT Team Uden

Loek Willems Aswin Jansen

Loek Willems

Phone: +31 413 251 335

Fax: +31 413 248 353


Aswin Jansen

Research Technician

Phone: +31 413 251 335

Fax: +31 413 248 353


Marijke Beenes Jan van Binsbergen

Marijke Beenes

Research Technician

Phone: +31 413 251 335

Fax: +31 413 248 353

Institute presentation

Hycult Biotech is a Dutch biotech company that develops and manufactures research reagents for innate immunity and directly related fields. Additionally, the company has a strong interest in progressing research in the area of inflammation, autoimmunity and cell damage caused by pathogens or oxidation factors. The company focuses especially on biomarkers that fulfil a need for early disease monitoring and that are able to predict disease severity and/or treatment response. Hycult Biotech is ISO-13485 certified and has developed over 70 immunoassays for either research or In-Vitro Diagnostic use. Many of these reagents are developed independently or in close cooperation with scientists worldwide. Furthermore Hycult Biotech has been a long time SME partner in international research projects.

The RELENT project gives the opportunity to explore new fields of research and to deepen its insight in the fields of autoimmunity and inflammation. Hycult Biotech is moving forward in expanding its products in the area of chronic inflammatory diseases in which this topic fits well. The search for novel target proteins which are associated with RA, IBD and AASV will give the opportunity to move further into the diagnostic field.

Main tasks attributed in the project

Main task of Hycult Biotech within the RELENT consortium is to facilitate translation of project findings into marketable diagnostic immunoassays for personalised medicine. Hycult Biotech will lead WP05 - Dissemination, Exploitation and Communication, participates in WP02 and is also member of the Innovation and Exploitation Advisory Panel (IEAP).

Main personnel involved in the project

Erik Toonen, PhD, the local PI and project leader, has obtained experience in molecular and cell biological approaches to identify biomarkers for disease severity and treatment response in inflammatory and inflammatory-associated diseases. He has extensive knowledge in the fields of (auto)immunity, inflammation and pharmacogenomics. He is collaborating in several scientific projects, focussing on immune regulation and monitoring inflammatory diseases.

Loek Willems, BSc, business development manager, has a background in biochemistry and immunology, and over 15 year experience in research and development as well as intellectual property management (IPR). He coordinates IPR, dissemination and explorative activities in scientific projects. Together with Erik Toonen he is responsible for dissemination and exploitation opportunities for novel findings within RELENT.

Aswin Jansen, BSc
, research technician, has a background in molecular biology and biochemistry and has experience in assay and drug development. He is involved in the development and evaluation of various ELISA assays.

Marijke Beenes, BSc, research technician, has a background in biochemistry and immunohistochemistry and has experience in assay development. She is also involved in the development and evaluation of various ELISA assays.

Jan van Binsbergen, PhD, head of R&D, has a background in biochemistry and protein chemistry and has experience in the field of immuno- and molecular diagnostics. Jan supervises the R&D team.

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