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Albert Heck

Prof. Dr. Albert J. R. Heck

Principal Investigator

Phone: +31  30 253 6797


Universiteit Utrecht

Padualaan 8

3584 CH Utrecht

The Netherlands




RELENT Team in Utrecht

Dr. Vojtech Franc


Nicolas Galy

PhD student

Dr. Karli Reiding


Institute presentation

Utrecht University will contribute its proteomics expertise to the RELENT project. Proteomics is a technology that enable the large-scale study of proteins, particularly their structures and functions and the study of the occurrence and dynamics of protein-protein interactions and protein post-translational modifications regulating protein structure and function. The Biomolecular Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics group of Albert Heck at Utrecht University develops innovative mass spectrometry methods for the detailed characterization of proteins in relation to their biological function.

The proteomics research at Utrecht University focuses for a large part on cancer, (embryonic and adult) stem cells and immunology. Complementary to the proteomics efforts, the UU group of Albert Heck is also known for its specific expertise in the mass spectrometric analysis of intact glycoproteins and large protein complexes.

They developed therefore unique and dedicated instruments, with most recently a new modified Orbitrap that can be considered a serious breakthrough for top-down proteomics and the high-resolution mass analysis of antibodies. In RELENT, the investigators of Utrecht University will develop and apply sensitive methods to analyse purified endogenous antibodies extracted from patient body-fluids by high-resolution mass spectrometry.

Main tasks attributed in the project

Partner UU is participating in Workpackage 2 (Identification of protein signatures that predict disease outcome and anticipate infective complications) and Workpackage 5 (Dissemination, exploitation and communication).

Main personnel involved in the project

Albert Heck, PhD is a leading expert in protein mass spectrometry. His group develops and implements innovative mass spectrometric methods for the more efficient and detailed characterization of proteins in relation to their biological function. In short, Heck applies protein mass spectrometry to problems in proteomics, glycoproteomics and in structural biology.

Vojtech Franc, PhD is an experienced postdoctoral researcher whose research is focused on mass spectrometry analysis of blood plasma proteins.

Nicolas Galy, MSc is a PhD candidate who works on the characterization of protein post-translational modifications (PTMs), by integrating cutting-edge MS techniques high resolution native MS and bottom up proteomics. In particular he is interested in analysing protein glycosylation by using various MS-based strategies.

Karli Reiding, PhD is an expert in the glycomics/glycoproteomics field. He will analyze proteomic profiles of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in the serum of patients with immune-mediated diseases and correlate them with clinical outcomes. He will try to understand why therapeutic monoclonal antibodies are more effective in some patients than others and how we can apply this knowledge to improve current treatments.

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